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Bridal Babes

Getting married?

Cosmetic Acupuncture is one of the best pre-wedding treatments you can do for yourself and your 6babe squad. Smooth, glowing skin is a must for your big day and not only will we be focusing on that, but the acupuncture itself will be releasing endorphins to help manage your stress and keep you immune system up leading to the big day! A total win-win.

For bridal packages for you and your bridesmaids, please contact Amrit Singh directly. We can personalize anything for your girl squad from in home Bridal Babe treatment parties to planning out the best treatment protocol leading up to your big day! So let's contour, smooth out your skin, and clear any acne so that your inner glow can shine through!

Wedding Bouquet
Bride's Hand With Henna Tattoo And Jewel
Bride with Flowers in Hair
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