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We might be in quarantine, but do not fret babes! We at 6BB have sourced out an amazing tool for you to keep your skin glowing, collagen boosted and face tight - cue the QT Dermaroller!  Dermarolling is a form of Microneedling or Collagen Induction Therapy, that has a mini wheel with hundreds of tiny titanium needles on it where when rolled on the face gently prick the face to create microtrauma. This microtrauma stimulates the body's healing response to stimulate collagen to repair the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, while increasing the absorbtion of serums and products and eventually evening out skin tone.

All Dermarollers are 0.25mm


Each dermaroller comes with care sheet, access to full IG tutorial and case!

How to Use:

1) Please visit @6BabeBeauty IG for a full tutorial!
2) Make sure skin is throughly cleansed, make up free and dry
3) Visually map out your face and roll in small loonie sized sections
4) Move the roller 3 times in one section vertically and then horizontally like a + sign, and then move to the next loonie sized area. Do NOT press hard, all you need to feel is a gentle prickly sensation to open the epidermis
5) Once you are finished, apply your favourite serum and then face oil/moisturizer with clean, sanitized hands
6) Do not touch your face afterwards, let the products be absorbed
7) Use at night time only so your skin has time to relax, absorb and heal overnight8) Clean your roller after each use by soaking in alcohol, see below

How to Clean your Derma Roller:

1) Run the derma roller under warm water for a few minutes and let air dry before each use
2) After each use, in a small clean container pour either 70%, 90% or Hydrogen Peroxide, enough so the wheel can be fully submersed
3) Let sit in solution for 10 minutes
4) Rise again with warm water
5) Let air dry on clean paper towel
6) Place back in the case

NOTE: Amrit Singh, Amrit Singh R.Ac, AcuWithAmrit or 6BabeBeauty is not liable for any personal injury caused by use or misuse of this information or product.

The Babe Face QT Dermaroller


    - do not use on open skin/wounds, psoriasis, eczema, warts, bumps, active acne or any inflamed, keratosis, red or irritated skin 

    - do not press firmly or force into the skin, use gently, this is not a product made to draw blood or break the dermis

    - do not use on damp skin or right after the shower/bath when skin is tender

    - do not use on skin under a Retinol protocol (daily use of retinol)

    - do not share your dermaroller with anyone else

    - do not use during the same routine involving gua sha, face rolling, chemical or mechanical exfoliators

    - if there is any skin sensitivity, stop using roller immediately

    - keep out of reach of children


  • Due to hygienic purposes, all sales are final. 

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