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The Babe Face Awakening Oil has all the magical ingredients needed to make your skin feel hydrated, supple and gorgeous to glow from within. 


A handmade product in Toronto by 6BabeBeauty founder, Amrit Singh, this formula has a personal touch that combines all of her favourite anti-aging ingredients in one bottle.  Learned through her global travels, extensive education, and personal clinical experience as a well-renowned Cosmetic Acupuncturist, this all-natural formula is designed to be balancing and light enough for daily hydration but, with a few extra drops, nourishing enough to use with Gua Sha or your favourite facial tools.


The grounding therapeutic scent of Rose, Frankincense and Myrrh will have you feeling like you're overseas relaxing in a spa, but have you ready to face the day like the boss babe you truly are ✨✨✨


This product is:







External Use Only | Good for 6 months after opening
Essential oils can be powerful, please consult your physican before use if pregnant.

Babe Face Awakening Face Oil

  • All Natural Ingredients:


    Rosehip Seed Oil (extra virgin) - the holy grail of anti-aging oil, full of fatty acids (omega 6&9) to help improve skin moisture & regeneration, strengthen your skin’s protective barrier and reduce age spots and fine lines.


    Camelia Seed Oil (organic) - a treasured face oil in Japan & China, this oil prevents water loss, goes to the deep layers of the skin and is full of Vitamin A to help with healthy skin cell production. The composition of Camelia seed oil is actually similar to our sebum, which is a naturally occurring oil in the skin.


    Frankincense Essential Oil - (organic, India) - a staple in Ayurvedic & Chinese Medicine, this essential oil helps to balance oil in the skin while tightening and brightening it to improve skin tone & elasticity. A beneficial skin care ingredient of mythical proportions, Frankincense has been used for thousands of years in beauty & health.


    Myrrh Essential Oil - (Egypt) often used in Ancient Egypt, Myrrh is an anti-inflammatory, moisturizing and anti-aging essential oil.  It pairs beautifully with Frankincense and together they provide grounding and calming properties. 


    Rose Otto Essential Oil (Turkey) - good for all skin types, Rose stimulates cell production, softens the skin and repairs signs of damage for a more radiant complexion. It is more potent than Rose Absolute and is anti-inflammatory & anti-aging.

    Gold & Silver - 23K gold flakes from Kanazawa, Japan. Gold’s healing properties have been used for thousands of years as it activates the basal cells of the skin and increases blood circulation for healthy fresh radiant skin. Gold Flakes are still traditionally made in Japan through a process called KINPAKU, gold that has been hammered into thin gold flakes. This is an ancient luxury in skin care!

    Natural Preservative: Rosemary Antioxidant (Rosmarinus Officinalis)

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