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Babes! It's time to think more about the planet when it comes to our beauty. 🌎 Use these machine washable ultra-soft bamboo pads next time with your favorite toner or make up remover to refresh your skin. These luxe pads hold your product on the surface so your can wipe your day way easily without pulling and tugging at your skin - a major no-no in Babe Face Land 👑 Save the planet and your skin at the same time! ✨💞✨

Each bag contains 16 bamboo luxe pads in a 6BabeBeauty organic cotton bag.

Reusable Bamboo Rounds

  • Toss old bamboo pads in organic cotton bag, tie in know, and throw in the wash with your face eco-friendly detergent. ✨🌎✨

    Can be placed in the dryer, or lay out flat to dry. 


    60%bamboo, 20%cotton, 20%polyester

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