This 100% Silk set will improve your sleep by blocking out the light safely, with silk resting on your eyes in the prettiest pink.


Silk Babe Sleep Set Includes:


Silk Pillowcase: Reduce friction, tangles, and frizz on your hair with this luxe silk pillowcase. Also cooling, a silk pillowcase is hypoallergenic and smoother on your skin, which can help reduce sleep lines and wrinkles. 


Silk Eye Mask: Improve your sleep quality and regulate your circadian rhythm by blocking out the light with this ultra-comfortable eye mask. Beautifully designed and gentle on your eyes and skin (remember, the skin around your eyes is very sensitive!), this will definitely deepen your beauty sleep.


One Medium and One Small Silk Scrunchie: These scrunchies are so pretty and great at keeping your hair tied back while protecting your hair safely. Great for the gym (that's where I wear mine the most), at night, and for cute ponytails.


All products are high-quality, 100% mulberry silk, 22mm, 6A grade certified. 


Gift set comes in a reusable white organza bag ♼


Only the best for the babes! 💕✨💕


Bundle Value $150 

Silk Babe Sleep Bundle

C$125.00 Regular Price
C$100.00Sale Price
  • Silk pillowcase is QUEEN size (51x76cm or 20x30) with envelope enclosure

    Medium scrunchie is 2cm wide

    Small scrunchie is 1cm (.39") wide

  • Due to hygenic purposes, ALL sales are final.